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Finding Your Jamestown Ancestors

Finding Your Jamestown Ancestors

Ever wonder if you have a Jamestown ancestor? Listen to a pre-recorded lecture from K.C. Reid, a Legacy Family Tree Webinar presenter. K.C. will do an online demonstration on tools that can aid in finding resources & genealogical information relevant for discovering Jamestown ancestry. K.C. show how to find the original source documents, and provides several websites that organize the information by person.  An anthropologist by training, K.C. highlights information available from archaeological digs from the 1930s onward and the surprising insight they can provide to those researching their Jamestown ancestry. Similarly, she provides insight into the corporate culture of the Virginia Company of London to illustrate the kind of information that may be found in the business records.  Sponsored by the Central Texas Genealogical Society and the Waco Library Genealogy Center.

Monday, February 24, 2020
7:00pm - 8:30pm
West Waco Meeting Room
West Waco

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